Privacy Policy

Latest edit: 8th of April 2022

We believe that the protection of Personal Data is important. Therefore, we ensure that we handle your data in a careful manner according to the European privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (AVG). With this privacy statement, we want to inform you about what personal data we collect and why.

The personal information is processed by Jilster B.V., located at Voorstraat 54, 2251 BP in Voorschoten. If you have any questions or remarks concerning this privacy statement, please contact the support department by sending an e-mail to We will be happy to assist you.

We collect and use data for various purposes. Some of this information is necessary to carry out the agreement we have made with you. Examples are the maintenance of your account, the completion and delivery of your order or answering your questions. In addition, we process user data (and not account or personal data) for service quality purposes. For example, we look at which browsers are most used and which pages of our website are popular.

What data do we process and what do we use your data for?

When you create an account, we store your name and email address along with the files you upload in your creation. This is necessary so that you can continue working on your creation the next time you log in.

While working on your creation, you upload personal texts and photos. You can share your creation online with others or have it printed. We will not use the texts and photos for other purposes. By default, we save the creation 1 year after you have started. You can change this retention period yourself. You can also delete your creation at any time.

When you place an order, we ask you for your address and telephone number. We use this information only to process your order and to inform you about your order. We will only use your phone number if we need to contact you at short notice about your order. We only share the orderer's data with other parties required for the process, such as the printing company, the payment provider and the postal service.

You can subscribe to our newsletter with your email address. We can then send you emails with tips, maker stories and our latest news. We manage the mailing list ourselves. If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, you can easily unsubscribe by using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the e-mail.

Service message
We also use your e-mail address to send you service messages. We will send you an e-mail to confirm your account and three e-mails about the retention period for your creation. The latter we send three months before the removal date of the creation, one month before the removal date and after we have removed your creation. It is also possible that we send an e-mail with necessary information about our service. For example, if we have updated our general terms and conditions. For these service messages, it is not possible to unsubscribe.

If you have any questions or complaints, you can contact us by email. We may ask for information such as your name or order number. We only use this information to be able to help you properly.

Market research
To improve our website and our platform, we use Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses cookies. To protect your privacy, the last 3 digits of your IP address are masked so that the data is anonymous. We also do not share the data with Google and we do not use other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies. This has been laid down in a processing agreement with Google.

After you have placed an order, we ask you to fill in what type of creation you have made. For example as a gift or for school. You are not obliged to share this information with us. If you do share the information, we will use it to better tailor our marketing and services. For example, if we find that many wedding creations are being made, we may add more specific templates for weddings.

Chief maker and makers
With Jilster, you can work together with more people. This has consequences. The person who starts the creation is the chief maker and is responsible for the content of the creation. The chief maker can invite makers to fill one or more pages, order the creation, create a link to the online creation and/or delete the creation. The chief maker can also make a maker co-chief maker. A co-chief maker can do everything a chief maker can except delete the creation. The chief maker can choose whether the makers can only view their own page or all pages.
makers who collaborate on a creation must be aware that they are placing the responsibility for the content in the hands of the chief maker. While working on the creation, the maker can change his own content on the canvas or remove pictures or texts. After the canvas has been 'handed in', the maker can ask the chief maker to release the canvas so that adjustments can be made if necessary. In case of questions or problems, the customer service can always be contacted.

On our website we use 2 different types of cookies: functional and analytical cookies. We do not use tracking cookies. The functional cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. They ensure, for example, that someone in the Netherlands sees the Dutch website and someone in Germany sees the German website. We also use analytical cookies. We use these cookies to analyse, for example, the number of visitors to our website, what the popular pages are and which pages we need to improve.

Social media
Our website contains buttons that allow you to share articles or your creation via social media such as facebook or pinterest. Only if you click on these buttons will contact be made with the social media site. In this case, the privacy policy of the company concerned applies. We do not forward any data to these social media companies.

Third party access
We only share personal data with third parties such as suppliers, the payment provider and the postal service. We only do this when it is strictly necessary, for example, to process the order. We expect from the companies with whom we share information that they treat your information as carefully as we do. That is why we have concluded a processor's agreement with all these companies, which stipulates that they handle the data according to our standards.

Privacy rights
As a user, you have various statutory rights:
Right of inspection: under your account you can see what personal data we have about you (such as account data, orders, creations)
Right to rectification and addition: you can change or add to your personal data yourself under your account. You can change the content of your creation yourself. As a maker, you must first consult with your chief maker.
Right to data portability: in certain situations you can ask us to transfer the personal data we have about you to a third party.
Right to oblivion: as chief maker you can ask us to delete your account. As a maker, you can ask your chief maker to delete your contribution or to give you access to the creation again so that you can do this yourself. You can also ask us to delete your account.
Right to restriction of processing: in certain situations, you can ask us to restrict the use of your data.
Right to object to the processing of your data: when we process your data on the basis of a general or legitimate interest, you can object to this.
Right to automated decision making and profiling: we always have a human eye in our decisions and do not use profiling.
If you have a question about any of the above privacy rights, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to We will then respond within 30 days.

We think it is important to protect your personal data properly. We are also aware that some creations may contain a lot of personal information. Our website is secured and we have an SSL certificate. We also make sure that the software we use is up to date. We will never publish or make public the creations. However, the chief maker has the possibility to share the creation online. This is the choice and responsibility of the chief maker. If you don't want this, you can tell your chief maker. If there are any problems, you can contact us through our customer service. We will never look into your creation. We will only do so if there is a question or reason to do so. However, if we receive signals of data or content whose use may be punishable or which may be related to a (presumed) punishable offence, we expressly reserve the right to report or notify the competent authorities.

If you have ordered a creation, we keep the invoice data for 7 years for our financial administration. We keep the content of a creation 1 year after the creation date. The chief maker can always adjust and extend this deletion date online. The chief maker can also delete the creation himself at any time. The creation is then definitively gone. If you have contributed to a creation as a maker or as a co-chief maker, you can ask the chief maker in question to remove your contribution (canvas) or the whole creation. It is also possible to ask us to delete your account.

We may update this privacy statement from time to time by posting an update on the Jilster website. By continuing to use our services, you agree to the updated privacy statement on a provisional basis.

Personal Data Authority
We would like to make every effort to find a good solution together with you, in case there is a problem with the processing of your personal data. However, if you feel that we are unable to help you, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the privacy supervisor, the Netherlands Data Protection Authority.

The general terms and conditions that apply after registration on our website can be found at Terms & conditions.