Unlock the Secrets of Yearbook Templates

Do you want to make a yearbook but don't know where to start? Yearbook templates are a great way to create a professional-looking yearbook without starting from scratch. They offer a wide range of features and customization options to help bring your yearbook vision to life. With a template, you can quickly create a beautiful, organized yearbook that will be a joy to look back on for years. From choosing the layout to adding images and customizing the text, using a yearbook template makes creating a yearbook much easier. Additionally, templates can save you time and money since they are usually cheaper than having a custom yearbook designed.

7 reasons why should you use a yearbook template:

  1. Structure & guidance
  2. Helps you to create a consistent look and feel
  3. Provides cohesiveness
  4. Saves time & money
  5. Customizable
  6. Easy to use
  7. More efficient

Page Layout
When making a yearbook, there is a lot of focus on the art of a yearbook page layout. When you are a part of the yearbook committee, you know figuring out how to make a yearbook page is the majority of the work. Why? Because you have to make page after page after page. Here's where using a yearbook template comes in handy. You can enter your content and customize it with a template to fit your needs. It's also great for keeping a consistent style across multiple pages.


What's inside Jilster's yearbook templates?
Our yearbook templates each have their own style and theme, but follow the same basic yearbook structure. When you are in Jilster's makerspace, you will find all the pages you need for your yearbook. Our yearbook templates help you create a consistent look and feel throughout your yearbook to look professional and cohesive. They also provide structure and guidance, so you don't have to start from scratch each time. With our template, you can just enter your content and customize it to fit your needs. It's also great for keeping a consistent style across multiple pages. All in all, our yearbook templates are there during your creation process.

13 topics you could use page templates for:

  1. Yearbook cover templates
  2. Table of contents
  3. Teacher profile page templates
  4. Student interview page templates
  5. Class photo page templates
  6. Yearbook article pages
  7. Photo collage templates
  8. Autographs page template
  9. School meme page template
  10. "Most likely too" - school awards/superlatives page template
  11. Back cover template

Pro tips: How to customize a yearbook template for your school?
First, as a team, decide which yearbook template you would like to use. Then, with Jilster, you can use the template as it is and adjust the style of the page to your preference. For example, has your school selected a theme missing from one of our templates? Then, upload your clipart to match your school's yearbook theme.


1. Customize with your school's colors
What are your school's colors? Customize the template's pages by changing the color of shapes, text, and background with your school's colors. Do you know your school's color code? If not, use this color picker websiteto upload an image of your school's logo and pick the logo's color. Once you have created a custom color palette, change the colors of the yearbook template to match your school's style. Copy the hex code from the color picker and paste it into the maker space (see image below).

  • Upload your school's logo
  • Replace the school's logo in the template with your own.
  • student population
  • school mascot
  • traditions


2. Yearbook- Student Pages template

  1. Uploading student profile photos

Pro tip: Make a new folder, title it "student profile," and upload all the student's profile photos here. This will help you stay organized if your photos are located on your phone; download Jilster's Mobile app to easily upload them straight into your yearbook creation.

  1. Place the first and last name of the student
  2. Replace the text on the page with your own
  3. Change colors on the page to match your school
  4. Save page


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