Tailored service - Jilster live

With online or offline sessions we help groups of makers at schools, institutions and companies to capture the stories that matter. Either for education or exploration.

Our Jilster live sessions are fun and educational. Used for schools, vocational training centers, universities, companies, and institutions. In less than an hour, Jilster takes the group into the world of the magazine medium. A medium where image and text come together, bringing a personal and gripping story to life. We help make it more fun, easier, and more beautiful. In the end, we see that creations are even more attractive, making the creators happy and proud. When it comes to students or pupils, we often support this with a prize to be won.

What does a Jilster live session entail?

We inspire creators to get the best out of themselves. Considering the medium requires different roles, there is always room to excel and experience pride. The goals and reasons for the creation bring the group together, further shaping the concept. So during a Jilster live session, we discuss how you start with an idea and build it into a developed concept. The concept then determines concrete choices such as the editorial list, colors, images, texts, tone of voice, fonts, and surprises. Finally, we give examples that show what design details can achieve.

We also include questions about the business model when using the medium for business purposes. For example, when, where, and for whom will the magazine be launched (online)? What will it offer when it is finished? Which partners are logically involved? What creates value? We help to find answers for efficient use of the magazine medium with minimal development costs.