Groep 8 Magazine Awards

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The Groep 8 Magazine Awards is a competition that encourages students, parents, and teachers to create a magazine as a farewell gift for groep 8. Participants can nominate their magazine cover and collect votes to increase their chances of winning. If you win the most votes from the voting audience and the professional jury, your magazine will be called “the best groep 8 farewell magazine of 2023” and you and your entire class will win: ... a visit to Disneyland® Paris 🏰.The competition is divided into 2 rounds: Provincial and National. Nominees in the provincial round are automatically entered into the national round, giving them a greater chance to win the grand prize. The competition ends on June 23rd.

Whether you’re a parent, student, or teacher, you can participate in this exciting competition. Remember, magazines must be about and for the benefit of the groep 8 farewell in the school year 2022-2023.


🎉We zijn verheugd om aan te kondigen dat de #groep8 Magazine Awards terug zijn en ze zijn magischer dan ooit! 🏆✨ Dit jaar omvat de grote prijs niet alleen de titel "Beste Groep 8 Magazine 2023", maar ook een reis naar Disneyland® Parijs voor één bijzondere groep 8 klas! 🎉 Hoe deel te nemen: 1️⃣ Maak een Groep 8 magazine in Jilster's makerspace 2️⃣ Nomineer je magazine voor de verkiezingen 3️⃣ Verzamel stemmen en maak kans om de reis naar Disneyland Parijs te winnen voor je hele klas! #afscheid #basisschool #nl #winnen Mis deze geweldige kans niet om deel uit te maken van de magie! 🔗

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How to nominate
You can now nominate your magazine cover directly from the Jilster makerspace. Don’t worry if your magazine isn’t finished yet, you can still edit while being nominated.

What does the timeline for the Groep 8 Magazine Awards look like?

The election consists of 2 rounds; provincial and national.

1. Provincial Round
April 12 to May 18, 2023: Voting period.
April 19, 2023: Announcement of provincial award winners.

Choose the best magazine in a province. The winning school will receive a party box for the class 🎁

2. National Round
May 19 to June 22, 2023: Voting period and judgment of expert jury
June 23, 2023: Announcement of national winner.

If you are nominated in the provincial round, you will automatically be entered into the national round. This means you have an even greater chance to win the grand prize.

The grand prize? 🏆
If you win the most votes from the voting audience and the professional jury, your magazine will be called "the best groep 8 farewell magazine of 2023" and you and your entire class will win: ... a visit to Disneyland® Paris 🎡🎢🎠

How to win a trip to Disneyland Paris?
The most important step is to start making a great farewell gift for the children of groep 8. Once you start creating your farewell magazine for the kids that are leaving for high school, you can nominate yourself in Jilster's makerspace, and activate your network to vote on your creation. Don't worry if your magazine isn't finished yet, you can still edit while being nominated. This way, you can collect as many votes as possible! We value your privacy and will only display your magazine cover on our website. Once you nominate your magazine, you'll receive a confirmation email that your cover is now live on the general nominees page on our website. Now, you can share the link to start gathering votes to win the grand prize trip to Disneyland® Paris!

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How and where can people vote?
Every school participating in the Groep 8 Magazine Awards 2023 will get its own spot on this website. Everyone can view the cover of the magazine and also vote directly. We do check everyone's email address so that we can properly verify fair voting. On the general nominees page you can see all the schools eligible for the award.

@jilsternl Doe nu mee aan de #groep8 Magazine Awards en word onderdeel van de magie! ✨🎉 Je kunt je tijdschrift nu rechtstreeks vanuit de makerspace van Jilster nomineren. Maak je geen zorgen als je magazine nog niet af is, je kunt nog steeds bewerken terwijl je genomineerd bent. Verzamel zoveel mogelijk stemmen en win de reis naar Disneyland Parijs! 🔗 #basisschooltijden #afscheid #magazine #groep8magazineawards #nl #jilster ♬ Baianá (Sped Up Version) - Bakermat

What are the eligibility requirements?
We want to make it a celebration for everyone who makes a farewell gift for groep 8. To be able to do that, we have established rules and agreements to make sure everything runs smoothly:

  • Participation is only possible with creations that are, or have been, made in the Jilster makerspace;
  • Participation can only be with a magazine about and for the benefit of the farewell of groep 8 in school year 2022-2023;
  • The creation does not involve controversial content and is specifically intended as a gift for the students and parents of groep 8. All nominations will be checked for content before actual nomination;
  • Participation can only be per class, in case of combined classes with a joint magazine, the school can only participate once;
  • In the case of different magazines from the same school, they may participate multiple times;
  • The provincial prize consists of a party box for a class of children of up to 30 people;
  • The grand prize consists of tickets to Disneyland Paris for up to 30 people, excluding accommodation expenses;
  • The school with the highest score in the province wins the party package;
  • At the end of the final round, the numbers of votes are counted for each school. These are converted to a ranking of the total number of schools, this is the score the voting audience gives the school;
  • At the end of the final round, the professional jury also gives a ranking per school. The three members each give an individual ranking and therefore a score to the school;
  • The expert jury judges the overall magazine on the uniformity of the design, the way the stories of the class are described and the feeling the magazine gives in general;
  • The four different rankings are added together, and the school on the highest ranking wins the prize.
  • Each person who supports you can only vote once with a legitimate email address.

Our support team is here for you. Feel free to contact us anytime.