Make your own children's magazine

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Are you an educator or are you in training to be one? Or you work in marketing in a company and you want to create a wonderful give-away with added value and an important message for your small target group? Or do you have children and are not a fan of the children's magazines on the magazine shelf, but are very creative yourself? Or maybe you are looking for creative activities or gifts for children in general? - You've all come to the right place. Because this article is all about how you can make a beautiful children's magazine yourself.

Kids like pictures, stories, games, puzzles, colouring-in sheets ... - kids just love to flip through magazines. That's why homemade magazines are also a great idea as a gift for them. Whether as a pastime at a wedding, at a company party or as a project in education. There are so many beautiful ideas and a thousand ways to make a magazine for children meaningful and also sustainable.

How it works

The best place to make your own children's magazine is in the makerspace. Here, all the tools are geared towards creating individual magazines. Here you will find many beautiful fonts, an incredible number of colours, small illustrations and much more to create your own layout as well as practical image editing tools. This gives you a wide range of possibilities to fill the magazine for the little ones with different elements such as stories, games, puzzles and so on. Just the way you want it.

Great templates to design your own magazines
In the makerspace you will also find numerous professionally designed magazines and individual pages that you can use as a basis for your own magazine project. Think creatively and be open. Because you can use any magazine template for any topic, regardless of the theme. Are you sceptical? Yes, you can make a beautiful children's magazine from a wedding magazine template. Keep the basic structure. Change fonts, colours and decorative elements and you have a whole new magazine.

Ideas for children's magazine content

  • Games and quizzes to pass the time
  • Beautiful colouring pages
  • Environmental and sustainability themes - information and puzzles about them
  • Self-written stories with children's own illustrations, photos or pictures
  • Photo quizzes (matching photos from the past and present, who owns which pet?)
  • Funny photo pages
  • Memory pages of the past
  • Handicraft instructions
  • Self-made comics
  • Friend pages to fill in
  • Fun questionnaires

Pssst, make it legally sound

As with all other projects, you should of course consider the legal side: So, don't violate copyrights, but ask before you use someone else's text, illustrations or photos - especially if you're doing it for commercial purposes. In the heat of the moment, this can get lost, but it's so important. If you are on a tight budget and need images, use the numerous free image databases to protect yourself. Then nothing will stand in the way of your homemade children's magazine.