Wedding magazine content

Make articles and columns for your wedding magazine

The good news first: you alone and the taste of the wedding couple decide what goes into the wedding magazine you make yourself. There are no general rules about what must be in every wedding magazine. Of course, this is at the same time the difficulty, because you have to decide. To make it easier for you, we have put together some ideas and suggestions from which you can compose the content for your wedding magazine individually.

What belongs in every wedding magazine

There are a number of sections that you will find in (almost) all wedding magazines:

  • The cover
  • The imprint
  • The table of contents
  • An editorial

Romantic, funny or classic?

Wedding magazines can have the most different looks and the most different content. Basically, there are three totally different types of wedding magazines: the romantic, the funny and the classic wedding magazine. We recommend that you choose your favorite sections and then use them to create a totally unique and distinctive wedding newspaper.

The romantic wedding magazine

The romantic wedding magazine often looks like a beautiful glossy magazine. Romantic photos, a lovingly detailed layout and quite a lot of love are typical for its content. These headings can contain a romantic wedding magazine:

  • Romantic poems
  • Exciting reports (e.g. from the wedding preparations)
  • Great places for dream vacations with photos of vacations together
  • History of the couple
  • Profile of the bride and groom
  • Photo gallery with milestones of the relationship
  • Interviews with the family
  • How to keep love fresh
  • Delicious favorite recipes
  • Photo assignments for the wedding guests
  • Reports from friends
  • Entertaining children's page

The funny wedding magazine

A funny wedding magazine is peppered with humorous texts, with cartoons and caricatures. Of course, the cover can be a bit more cheeky here.
Suggestions for the content of a funny wedding magazine:

  • Re-enacted photos from the past
  • Funny riddle
  • Tips for the wedding night
  • Wedding bingo
  • Marriage barometer
  • A marriage law
  • A marriage dictionary
  • Commandments for wife and husband
  • Commandments for in-laws
  • Order form for a desired child
  • A look into the future
  • Jokes, caricatures and comics
  • Funny nicknames for everyday marriage

The classic wedding magazine

A classic wedding magazine is often reminiscent of a daily magazine. Therefore, sections can be found here, such as politics, from around the world, sports and culture. These things can also be found in it:

  • A family tree
  • Pages with many photos
  • Marriage laws or rules
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Profile of the bride and groom
  • How to keep the love fresh
  • Entertaining children's page
  • Report on the marriage proposal with photos
  • A horoscope for the bride and groom
  • A look into the future
  • Reports of the friends
  • Weather report for the wedding day
  • Page with jokes, sayings and cartoons