What to write about in a yearbook

Highly motivated and enthusiastic, you are in the middle of planning your yearbook or farewell magazine. The pencils have been sharpened and you are ready to start. But what content do you want in your yearbook? Have you already thought about it?

What topics
Before you design your yearbook in the makerspace, it makes sense to know what you want to write about. The editors are now collecting ideas. To really get started, take out your notebooks from the previous year and leaf through them. Collect and organise your first ideas. You may have more ideas than you can implement. Therefore, establish a hierarchy.

Ask yourself several questions:

  • What is most important to you?
  • What are you absolutely unable to do without?
  • What do you absolutely not want to miss?

**Do you already have enough ideas for the content of your yearbook?
Just in case you are still answering no to this question, we have put together a lot of great ideas for you here.

  • Salutations from the Headmaster
  • Table of contents
  • Profiles of all graduates
  • Photos, photos, photos - portraits for the profiles, photos of the various levels, course photos, snapshots of outings, parties and everyday life, etc.
  • Profiles of teachers with nicknames, typical sayings and funny anecdotes
  • Excursion reports
  • Reports on trips
  • Hit lists
  • Class book entries - especially the very old ones from class 5 or 6
  • Thank you notes to the head of the class, the caretaker, a special teacher, the school secretary, etc.
  • Paid advertisements
  • List of drop-outs
  • The best student and teacher quotes
  • Creative contributions - photos, poems or short stories
  • Timeline with the most important events
  • Photo quiz