How can we help you?

I would like to delete my account. How do I do that?

I would like to change my password. Can I do this?

I would like to change my name. How can I do this?

I would like to change my email addres. How can I do this?

I would like to change my username. How do I do this?

How can I duplicate a previously created creation?

How do I delete my creation?

In the document overview, my latest changes to my page are not displayed. How do I solve this?

Can I change the number of pages later?

How many pages can my creation have?

Why is the number of pages of my creation a multiple of four?

How do I delete a page?

Where is page 2 in my creation?

How do I move/copy a page to the cover or back?

Can I still change the page order after I have approved the pages?

Can I change the order if not all creators have finished or approved their page?

How can I go to the next page to edit it?

Can I add page numbering to the creation?

Where is the page numbering displayed on the page?

I want a pdf file and I don't see the page numbering. Why is this?

A QR code is shown on the back of my creation. Will this also be printed?

Can I move or delete the QR code on the back of the creation?

What is a pleasant font size?

Which keyboard shortcuts are useful in Jilster?

How do I cut and paste from Word or another text programme?

Can I pre-select a standard text block type?

When I paste a large piece of text into a text box, the box becomes so long that the blue circles disappear from the page. How do I make my text box wider?

How do I break up my text into columns?

Some fonts are smaller than others, even though the font size is the same. How is this possible?

How do I add my own colour?

Can I change the colour of a clip art?

Will all the colours I see on my screen be printed exactly as I created them?

I want a colour area to run across a spread. Is this possible?

Can I upload photos from my phone in Jilster?

How do I crop an image?

What are the red lines on my page for?

Can I make a picture round or give it another shape?

What should be the minimal quality of my images/photos?

Can I assume that the quality of the clipart is good?

Can I also add my own clipart images?

What kind of files can I upload?

Uploading the photos is sometimes slow. Why is this?

Is there a limit to the number of images you can upload?

I want to use a photo or image as background. Can I make it full-page?

How do I place a photo on two contiguous pages (spread)?

How do I upload an image as a PDF file?

How do I convert my photos to another file format, such as jpg or png?

I cannot rotate or make my image or colour area larger/smaller because it runs off the page. What should I do?

Can I just use any image from the Internet in my creation?

Can I also create my own templates or reuse pages?

How do I copy the layout or content of a page (from another creation) to another page?

How do I change the background photo of a template?

Why can’t I select elements, such as a text box or an image, in the template?

Are the images used in a template also available separately?

How do I place a PDF-file in my creation?

If I upload a PDF-file in Jilster, the colours are no longer correct. What should I do?

Can I place a PDF-file consisting of several pages into my creation in one go?

Can I format pages in Illustrator, Photoshop or Indesign and then use them?

What requirements must a PDF-file meet?

What are the exact dimensions of the page?

Can I edit a PDF-file in Jilster?

Why do I have to start a creation to make a poster?

How do I move a page to a cover?

In which formats can I have a poster printed?

What is the difference between ‘save’ and ‘approve’?

Can I still edit my page after I have approved it?

Does it take a lot of time to approve a page?

Can I still change the page order after approving?

What do the dotted lines on my page represent?

How much is the bleed margin around the page?

What are the exact dimensions of the pages?

Why is the back cover wider than the rest of the pages?

Why do I get a warning if my text is outside the inner dotted line?

What should be the minimum quality of my images?

How can I browse through my creation?

Can I make a printout to correct the last language mistakes in the text?

Can I download a PDF-file of the complete creation?

How do I share my creation with others online?

Does my digital version of my online creation change after I make changes?

Is my online magazine visible to others?

What is the difference between a maker and a co-chief maker?

How do I make someone co-chief maker?

What do I do if I have entered a wrong e-mail address when inviting a maker?

What do I do if one of my makers has lost his invitation e-mail?

How can I assign multiple pages to a maker?

How do I know who I have assigned which pages to?

A maker has submitted a page but wants to edit it again. Is that possible?

On some pages in the document overview, there is a yellow icon with a lock under the page. What does this mean?

What do the icons displayed next to my pages in the document overview mean?

How do I know if a co-chief maker is working on a page at the same time as me?

As a chief maker, can I shield certain photos from other makers?

I want to cooperate with makers who speak different languages. How can I invite them in another language?

Can I add a large list of e-mail addresses to my creation in one go?

What do the colours blue, white and red mean when I invite other makers?

What do I do if I am invited to work together on a creation?

I have been invited, but I don’t see the creation. How can this be?

What happens if I submit my page?

I have submitted my page, but I still want to change something. How do I do this?

What do the icons displayed next to my pages in the document overview mean?

What are the prices?

What are the delivery times?

How can I order my creation?

I have ordered my creation, but I have discovered some mistakes. Can I still correct them?

How do I order a sample copy of my creation?

Can I order different types at the same time?

Is the delivery time shorter if I only order one copy?

Can I still make changes to the creation after I have ordered?

Are the adjustments I make just after I have ordered a creation included in the previously ordered creation?

Can I order additional creations later?

I would like to order a high quality pdf (300dpi) of the creation. Is this possible?

Where can I see the status of my order?

What are the payment methods?

Will I receive an invoice with my order?

How can I delete my creation?

What is the storage period of my creation?