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Ben and I had been married for 50 years. They arranged a big surprise during the wedding party. Old photos, personal stories, congratulations, but also background stories about the origins of our family. We discovered that evening that our brothers, sisters, children and grandchildren had made a magazine. Later it hit us even more how special this was. Not only for us. Also for the other family members and the next generation. The grandchildren will remember what blossomed from their grandparents' marriage. I still cherish the magazine and browse through it regularly with a sense of gratitude.

40 year anniversary Frits Mary

On August 1, 2020, my dear parents were married for 40 years. Together with my sister Mira and brother Egon, we made a magazine for them. It was a big surprise. Photos were secretly collected. I enjoyed having so many old photos in my hands. Picking out photos, scanning them in, editing them, uploading them, choosing subject per page, borders, backgrounds, adding stories, straightening everything out and sending it off. Then sitting in suspense waiting for the end result. My parents loved the magazine. Beautiful. And a lot of tears for my parents.


Melissa and I have had the best time together. One of our most beautiful moments was when we found out we were both expecting our first child at the same time. Last year we both got married and we were bridesmaids at each other’s wedding. How precious and the cherry on top of our friendship. Together with other friends of Melissa, we started making a book. Giving the magazine was beautiful and an emotional moment. It is very nice to have your memories together on paper and look at them with each other whilst enjoying a glass of wine.

  • Renate