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Your story matters. Which memories and life stories show who you are? Who do you invite to make the life story even more meaningful? If you find it hard to make your life story magazine from a white canvas, take a look at our wonderful life story magazine templates. Are these not exactly what you are looking for? We are happy to help you with that, because we do this together.

Jilster is more than just an editor. It is an online makerspace for your life story magazine without downloads, in-app purchases or subscriptions.

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A personal life story template
Create your own eye-catching life story template with ease and share it with others to design together. You'll find extensive templates in the makerspace that you can customise together, to make your life story really matter. Whether you want to make a creation from scratch or choose from a template, you can easily customise it to suit your needs.

Jilster life story templates finally publish in the style and volume you have in mind.

As an unforgettable magazine
You are able to create your life story as a (free) digital pageflip, as a PDF, or a sample, a magazine or book. The makerspace, in which you make your creation, is always open en free for use. There is no need to download any software to use the platform.

Jilster glued magazines with a glossy cover

Get inspired by what others made before you...

Stories that matter
A life story is a collection of moments, memories and emotions. At Jilster we try to share the most inspiring stories with you. They have their origin in different countries. You'll find the most inspiring maker stories about life stories here.

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Would you like to know more about life stories? You can find the answers to your questions about making your life story in our FAQ. The makerspace is easy to work with, so why not just get started, and find help along the way, if you need it.