5 tips for a unique and personalized Christmas gift

An inspiring gift that tastes of more

This year, make your Christmas package a personal and inspiring gift that tastes like more...

Are you also giving your team a Christmas package this year and want to give something original and personal? Then take advantage now of the unique opportunity to combine tasty stories with the tastiest ingredients. Give your own culinary experience including a lasting memory as a gift this Christmas. We give you five tips for your ideal Christmas package.

1. Give something that really helps - a cookbook that you can get started with right away

Avoid giving your team a collection of crazy products that they don't know what to do with. That way, your colleague won't experience appreciation. Make sure you give them a gift that will actually help them.

As a company, create a nice cookbook with recipes from colleagues, with suggestions from all over the world. Choose one of these recipes, for example the director's favorite dish, and provide all the necessary ingredients so that everyone can work on it at their own time.

With the cookbook Christmas package, also consider:

  • Combining the recipe for oliebollen and a colleague's recipe;
  • Adding bottle of wine and two glasses to enjoy already while cooking;
  • Combine this with a photo-challenge to share the cooking and experience.

2. Make it personal, authentic and creative - give room in the menu for a personal story

Depending on the size of the group of people you want to give the Christmas gift, we can support to make it as personal as possible. This can range from adding a card with a personal note, to realizing personalized editions of each cookbook.

By adding personal stories, recipes and photos to your Christmas cookbook, you share Christmas in a personal way. Link the story of the drama of hanging Christmas balls to ingredients for bitterballs and link the story of the lost nativity to all the stuff for a gingerbread house.

Personalize your Christmas cookbook package further with:

  • An included poster of the personalized cover;
  • Handwritten Christmas card with personalized message;
  • Addition of, for example, personalized chocolate.

3. Give an ideal mailbox gift - a personalized gift that drops on your mat at home

Nothing is more fun than being able to unwrap a package. A Christmas cookbook is perfect for dropping on your people's doormat without a worry. A surprise delivered to your home that you can open at your leisure.

Especially for the mailbox version of the Christmas cookbook, you can add a QR code to your layout. With this code, the rest of the package can be ordered as you see fit online with, of course, colleague recipes to inspire orders.

Optimize your mailbox gift with:

  • Linking the products to be ordered to the recipes in the cookbook;
  • Adding sustainable elements like a small herb garden to cook with later;
  • Add a drink package to your cookbook so that Christmas dinner preparation starts off right.

4. Let the party begin with the unwrapping - let the salivating begin before you've begun

You are providing a personal and unique Christmas package this year, so make sure you deliver that feeling from the very first moment. Make receiving and unwrapping the Christmas package an instant party.

Of course you can provide stamps that incorporate your corporate identity, but that doesn't make it a party. Make sure your gift expresses in the packaging that it was made and given with attention and appreciation.

We have some suggestions for what you can do like this:

  • Give your Christmas package and the cookbook in a stylish gift box that you give to people equipped with a stylish bow;
  • Have the cookbook wrapped in luxury tissue paper that further emphasizes the uniqueness of the book;
  • Wrap your mailbox gift in a stylish padded envelope in the colors of the corporate.

5. Make appreciation tangible and concrete - the story of appreciation is thus perceived with all the senses

By combining your own Christmas cookbook with ingredients, you have the opportunity to impact the people who receive your gift before, during and after Christmas. The combination of culinary recipes and tasteful stories, makes the book refer back to even after that one dinner.

The book also provides an opportunity to express your appreciation. Provide space for displaying appreciation for goals achieved, work done and distance covered. Especially with a gift that retains value, you can also convey this appreciation for a longer period of time.

Take advantage of the opportunity to:

  • Give special merit the attention it deserves;
  • Extensively explain the background of sponsorship activities;
  • Highlight personal stories from outside the organization, such as a local producer of a product in the package.

A Christmas cookbook package assures you of a personal, unique and appreciated gift. An expression of appreciation that, thanks to the simple process steps, you have produced in no time with and for your people.

Extra tip

Christmas packages for colleagues
What is the financial limit for a Christmas gift?
You can give your colleagues a gift up to a certain limit without paying tax on it. This free margin is 1.7% for taxable wages up to € 400,000, above which the free margin in 2022 is 1.18%. You can use your remaining free space to give a Christmas cookbook package to your colleagues untaxed.

Christmas packages for relations
Is my Christmas package deductible?
If you use it for acquisition of new clients, it is fully deductible. If it is intended for existing clients, then its cost is deductible up to 80%.