Church folder

Design your church folder for the wedding

It is the many lovingly designed details that make a wedding so special and unforgettable. The bride, the maid of honor, the mother and also many guests like to keep wedding magazines, place cards or the folder from the church, for example, so that they can look at them again later at their leisure and remember this special day.

You actively participate in the planning of the wedding service with your ideas and also give a lot of thought to the decoration in the church. A self-designed church folder with your "handwriting" complements this perfectly and simply rounds off this picture.

Unfortunately, even for a wedding, church folders are often simply folded or, at best, stapled together A4 sheets that crumple easily and have a plain design. That probably doesn't meet your expectations, does it? A nice alternative to elaborate DIY, which requires a lot of skill and care (which can be quite challenging depending on the number of booklets!), is a super beautiful, online designed and professionally printed church folder that looks like a real magazine. With Jilster you can easily design the church folder for your dream wedding as well as a wedding magazine online with a professional layout and then have it printed in high quality.

The content

What belongs in your church folder, you discuss in advance with the pastor in the wedding conversation. In general, however, it can be said that the church folder for the wedding ceremony gives the wedding guests an overview of the course of the wedding, the so-called liturgy, as well as the texts of any unknown songs. In addition, the folder may also contain thank you notes, a note about the collection and directions to the party location. Attention! The parishes have different contracts about the use of music, because of the music rights to the printed songs. You should find out about this from the pastor before you design your church folder.
Once you have all the information together, first decide how many pages your church folder should have. Since you're working with Jilster in the A4 format, four pages may be enough to accommodate all the information and set it off nicely.

The design

The motto, the colors and the typical design of your wedding - whether sweet dove motif, trendy, muted colors or the special font - must not be missing in the design of the church booklet. These elements make your wedding so unique and connect the elements save-the-date, invitation, table decoration, guest book and wedding magazine with each other.

Wedding magazine design

In the Jilster makerspace you will find numerous templates that you can use as a basis for the design of your church folder and easily customize. You can design the cover of the church folder for the wedding ceremony individually and personally. Tip: If you can't get the songs digitally, you can simply photograph or scan the templates. With a free image editing program (e.g. GIMP) you can still achieve beautiful effects and then insert the songs as an image file in your layout.