Customize your template

To suit your occasion and taste

Customize a layout you love

Not everyone of our magazine templates suits everyone's taste - because everyone is different and has their own preferences and personal tastes. And that's a good thing. Will everyone still find something to suit their taste in the Jilster selection of magazine templates in the makerspace? The simple and clear answer is: Sure. Because all templates can be wonderfully individualised.

stappled version of Wedding spread.webp

Any template for any theme

To create your own wedding magazine, you can of course use one of our two beautiful wedding magazine templates and fill the pages with your own pictures and text. You may have already tried this yourself. But there is even more. We promise: You can use any of our templates for any theme. With a few simple steps, you can customise your magazine templates. Are you sceptical? Then take a look at our example in the illustrations: With just a few clicks a template becomes a beautiful, light and unkitschy wedding magazine.

It's so wonderfully simple

It's really not difficult. It's best to start with the cover: add your title wording, add a suitable photo and - this does an incredible amount - choose a suitable colour for your theme. A wedding magazine will be more emotional (pink, light green), a birthday magazine perhaps in the favourite colours of the birthday boy or girl, and a company magazine you design in the individual colours of the company. With small illustrations and decorative elements, you can add to each theme and make it more expressive. In the makerspace you will find lots of great ideas.

Fill and design page by page

Once the cover has passed your taste test, fill the inside page by page with your content and colours. Of course, you can also change and adapt the fonts. Which template do you use for which project? Would you like to tell us about it? We look forward to hearing your stories.