Interview section in your magazine

If you are thinking of placing an interview section in your magazine, an anniversary or birthday is an excellent opportunity. If you talk to his or her family and/or friends, you will probably hear stories that you yourself did not know. And which do fit very well into the magazine, making it even more personal and distinctive.

For example, are you making a magazine for your parents' golden wedding anniversary? A nice idea is to have a coffee with your brother, an aunt or a friend of your parents. They probably have a lot of memories of your parents that could fit into the magazine. Do you have a photo album of your parents' wedding or a few loose photos of your parents together? If so, bring those to the interview as well. Often, seeing a photo will bring back stories from the past.

Example questions:

  • What do you think is the secret of their golden marriage?
  • What do they love to do together?
  • Who is deciding things?
  • When it comes to love, what else could you learn from them?
  • Describe the couple in one word.
  • Another option is to interview all the grandchildren. If you ask them all the same questions, you will create one cohesive piece on the page(s). The interview can be livened up with a nice photo of the grandchildren.

Example questions:

  • What do you love about grandpa and grandma?
  • What is the most fun thing you have done with grandpa and grandma?
  • What would you like to do with grandpa and grandma?


If you have started a magazine for your husband, I'm sure you can turn to his parents, your children, your brother-in-law or friends. Invite them over or meet up somewhere for a drink. But secretly of course, because your husband cannot know anything about it yet.
You can take photos on the day itself and place them in the interview section under the heading 'What your friends say about you' or 'What your family says about you'.

Example questions:

  • How do you know the birthday boy?
  • What is a typical characteristic of the birthday boy?
  • Who or what does he love the most?
  • What can you wake him up for?
  • How would you describe him?
  • What would you like to wish him for the future?


Attention for the layout
The layout of a page says a lot. If it looks nice, the reader is more likely to read the text. A mistake that is often made is that a text is placed on a background that is too busy. This makes the text hard to read. If you lighten the background of the page by adjusting the brightness, the text remains legible. If this is not enough, you can also place a transparent area behind the text. As shown in the example. Usually a white surface works best.

In the makerspace you will also find a number of sample pages formatted in the style of an interview section. These are in each template and can be fully customized to your liking.

See below for an overview of some sample pages from the makerspace: