Create a personalized baby birth poster

Are you busy decorating the baby's room? A birth poster is nowadays the way to make a baby's room totally trendy. In many interior design shops, it is impossible to imagine a baby's room without posters. It is also an original maternity gift for your sister (in law), best friend or colleague.

Baby room pimping

A birth poster is a cute poster on which the baby is introduced or welcomed. The poster shows the baby's birth details: name, date of birth, weight, time and length. With Jilster, you can edit the front page of a magazine yourself and order it as a poster. When ordering your poster, you can choose from various formats. All posters can be ordered from one copy onwards.

Choose from various templates

How you design the poster is entirely up to you. Do you want something bold or do you want it sweet and romantic for your newborn son or daughter? Did you know you can also use templates from our online design programme? The design of these so-called sample pages has already been done, so all you have to do is change the text and images.

You don't want to create a birth poster, but are looking for inspiration to create your own? Check out the examples on Pinterest or in the makerspace.