How to make your own poster presentation?

Are you still in school and have to give a presentation soon? Then keep reading here about how a poster can be helpful for you.

You see posters almost everywhere around you: on the street, at bus stops, in cinemas and theaters, supermarkets, classrooms and even in politics, posters are regularly used as a tool for communication. With a poster you can get your message across to your audience in an original and creative way.

Bring your story across in pictures as well

If you want to give a presentation, it is a nice idea to use a poster. With a poster you make your presentation a lot more appealing. Alea-Sophie Küppers (24) made a poster with the makerspace. She studies Business Communication and Digital Media at Tilburg University. Alea-Sophie: "I had to present the outlines of my research in text and image on a poster to the rest of the class. I made my poster in Jilster's makerspace and then ordered it in large A0 size. The layout of the poster turned out really well and I even got extra points for it from the teacher."

Below you can see how Alea-Sophie's poster turned out. It contains all the basic elements: title, names of the researchers, research purpose, method, results, discussion and conclusion.


This is how you make a poster

It can be quite difficult to make a good poster. According to Alea-Sophie, it is important that at least the following points are included in your poster:

  1. The poster should be as concise as possible. The audience should be able to understand the essence of the message at a single glance.
  2. The poster must draw attention. You can take care of this, for example, by using a catchy slogan, image or certain type of color use on the poster.
  3. The poster delivers a clear message in as few words as possible.
  4. The texts on the poster are framed and placed in columns or blocks.
  5. The poster contains mostly visual information (think: graphs, drawings and pictures).
    Helpful tip: On the Posters page you will find information and tips for making your own poster as well.

How to make your own poster presentation in the makerspace?

  1. Choose a template from one of the templates.
  2. Create the poster.
  3. Fine-tune everything and prepare the poster presentation.
  4. Place your order and have the posters delivered to your doorstep.

About the ordering process

Have you finished designing your own posters? Then order the desired number and format and have the posters printed by us. You can choose between A0, A1, A2 or A3 format. Would you rather have the poster printed elsewhere? It is also possible to order a 300 dpi pdf of your page. Then you can arrange the printing of the poster yourself.

The cost of producing posters

The cost depends on the size and of course the number. You can calculate this using the calculator. You can produce starting from one copy and there is no maximum. The costs per piece vary between €3.45 and €17.95 including 21% VAT and excluding shipping costs.