Your own friendship book

Design a friendship book that exactly matches your own ideas

It's hard to imagine kindergarten without friendship books to fill out. They are also used in elementary school - but not later. Why not? The friendship books that you can buy in stores are designed for smaller children, and what you can fill out there is often not really exciting or funny. Why not design your own friendship book right away? Then it will be just the way you want it: The questions, the layout - everything.

Make an online friendship book

For elementary school students, but also for teenagers and adults, it is an exciting project to design a friendship book online. In makerspace you'll find great layout tools and beautiful templates that you can easily customize. And your friends can also fill your friendship book online. As a basis for your friendship book, we recommend you to design a nice layout in makerspace and then use it on all pages. You send your friends an invitation to your friendship book in makerspace. They see your layout and the prepared question fields. They can fill them out online and upload photos.


At a glance - here's how:

  1. Select double page template, e.g. in the magazine template "Photo Collage"
  2. Customize layout according to your ideas, e.g. change color and font
  3. Consider and create filling fields
  4. Consider space for at least one photo
  5. Adopt and save this double page for all double pages
  6. Invite your friends as editors and assign them their personal fill-in page.
  7. Design the front page of your friends book.
  8. Remind your friends to fill out the book and enjoy the anticipation!
  9. Enjoy your friends' entries.
  10. Have your friend book printed (hard cover book, glued glossy magazine, or stapled magazine).

As a gift idea

A friend is going abroad for a few months or moving somewhere else with her family? You're parting ways because you've finished school? - You can also design the friendship book for a special friend or for the whole circle of friends. For that special surprise effect, prepare everything in secret and present your friendship book template to the others only when you send the invitations by e-mail.

Also possible with elementary school children

Media competence has to be learned. Many children can already open the video app, play games on the tablet and find the photo folder at an early age. It's clear that elementary school children can create their own friendship book in the makerspace with a little help from a teacher, parents or someone else. In addition to the beautiful and personal result, other skills are also promoted here, such as media competence, creativity, concentration, hand-eye coordination, writing texts, aesthetic sensibility, etc.