How to make a magazine for a school project

We are excited for you to experience the joy of making a magazine for a school project. Our makerspace is a free online magazine editor that anyone can use to make a magazine. Instead of writing pages upon pages of text, a magazine gives you the opportunity to get creative with your school project. Create magazine-style layouts, use different fonts, add images and illustrations all in the makerspace. Whether you were assigned a magazine project at school or you have decided to make one for a school project, we will help you get started.

Step 1: Establish your topic

When making a magazine for a school project, you want to research your topic thoroughly. The magazine is essentially a way for you to bundle all the information you would normally provide in a project or report, but in a creative and aesthetically pleasing way.

Step 2: Gather material

From text to images, we recommend collecting all the information you want to include in your school magazine in one place. This will help you later on.

Step 3: Design your cover

The cover of your magazine is the look and feel of your project. Making a strong cover for your project is a good start to begin working on your magazine because it gives the first impression.

Step 4: Choose a layout

Create a layout for your magazine and try to understand how the reader will process the information about your topic. We have magazine templates to help you with this step. You could also have a look at some published magazines for inspiration and as a reference to plan sections of your magazine. In this step, you should figure out how you want to break up the text and start playing around with putting text into columns.

Step 5: Work together

The best part about making a magazine for school is that you do not have to do it alone. The makerspace is perfect for group projects as you can easily invite your classmates to the magazine and have them create their own pages. We even have a shoutout box for people working on the magazine to leave comments and messages. Are you working with international students? No worries, the makerspace is currently available in 3 languages; English, Dutch and German.

Step 6: Order your magazine

After all your final edits have been made and your magazine is complete, order your magazine as high quality print or as a digital PDF. Be ready to impress your teacher and readers with a professional magazine for your school project. And don't forget to have fun.