Make a poster online

Together or alone, you can make a poster in our online makerspace. Your own poster can be used for multiple purposes. You can make an online poster for your company or as a gift for someone. Obviously, it is also possible to make a poster for yourself :)

Which personal story do you share in one image? For example, you could depict a magazine cover life size. The combination of image with titles, and headers is a story that matters in itself. If you find it hard to create your own poster from a blank canvas, take a look at our lovely poster templates.

Choose from six different sizes

If you want to make a poster online you can choose from six different sizes: A0, A1, A2, A3, A3++ en A4. These sizes are suitable for different occasions. You can make a film poster, portrait poster or an inspiration poster. You can also make a collage out of your most beautiful travel pictures or make an infographic for your school or company project.

How much does it cost to make a poster?

The makerspace is open and free to use. You don't have to download anything, there aren't any in-app purchases, and we don't do subscriptions. Only when you want to print your poster costs will be charged.

What does it cost to print a poster?

The costs depend on the size of the poster and of course the quantity ordered. You can calculate this using the price calculator. You can produce from one copy and there is no maximum. The costs per piece vary between €3,45 and €17,95 excluding shipping costs.

How long does it take to get a poster delivered?

The shipping time varies between 3 and 4 business days. The posters are produced on Tuesday's and Thursday's. If you order your poster on those days, it is shipped the same day.


Make a poster in 4 steps

1. Collect

Would you like to make your own poster? Gather photos and texts that fit your subject and gather ideas about the content and layout of your poster. With Jilster you can make a poster for any occasion.

2. Collaborate

Would you like to make your own poster online together? You can easily send an invitation to family, friends and co-workers to work together on the poster. Everyone can add their own photos and text to the poster.

3. Edit

Now you can get to work and make your own poster online. Customize the poster to your wishes. Add photos and texts and edit it as you like. You also have the opportunity to make use of our templates.

4. Order

Are you happy with the end result? It's time to place your order. Choose from different sizes and have the poster delivered to your home. Your poster is delivered within 3 or 4 business days.

The makerspace is accessible from anywhere

After you have created a free account, you can start creating your poster immediately. The makerspace is available everywhere and very accessible. You can also use the app freely to upload photos from your mobile phone.

Making your own poster online is very easy: add your own texts and photos to a page and edit them. You can also use various templates, backgrounds and clip-arts available in the editor or you can upload a PDF file. This way, you can create your own poster the way you would like it.


Making a poster online

Do you want to adorn your walls with a homemade poster, create a poster to support an event or give a personalised poster as a gift? With the online makerspace, you can have your selfmade poster at home in 5 easy steps. Would you rather arrange the printing of the poster yourself? It is also possible to order a high resolution pdf (300dpi) of the poster.

Step 1
Create an account and start a creation.

Step 2
After you have made a new creation you can start working on your poster.

Step 3
In the makerspace you can design your poster just the way you want it. Add your own photos and texts or upload a PDF file. In the programme, you will find various templates and clip-arts that you can use for your poster free of charge.

Step 4
Check whether you have taken the important points into account, such as cutting lines and recommended margins. Is your poster ready to be ordered? Then click on 'approve'. The poster will then be converted to high digital quality.

Step 5
Is your poster ready? Then it's time to order your poster. Choose the number of posters you wish to order and the desired size. Your poster will be delivered within 3 to 4 business days.

Make and print your own poster

Baby poster
Welcome a newborn baby into the family. A baby poster shows the baby's birth details. You can print the poster and hang it on the wall in the nursery.

Create a poster for your company
Easily control your own business promotion. You can create a poster for your company, club or association on your own or with your colleagues.

Photo collage as a poster
Collect the most beautiful, funniest and craziest photos and bundle them together in a photo collage. This can be hung on the wall or used as a gift.

Poster presentation
A poster is an excellent tool for presentations. Bundle all important texts, photos and data together for a poster presentation.