Wedding magazine: Barometer

How the bride and groom know which way to go

There may be room for humor in a wedding magazine. Eye-twinkling articles are fun for guests and the bride and groom, and they are also funny for the editorial team. A marriage barometer is a great example of this.

Marriage barometer

With a marriage barometer in the wedding magazine, the bride and groom's relationship is put on the spot: Who wears the pants here? In an ironic way, the husband is advised to behave charmingly and lovingly toward his sweetheart in order to ensure "good weather". Then the marriage barometer is favorable.

This is how your marriage barometer can look

A marriage barometer can look like in our example in a romantic festive style. But you can also design it in a completely different way in cheerful and colorful colors. Also the text does not have to be rhymed, as in our example, but can also consist of short crisp sentences that relate the mood of the couple with the respective weather - just a barometer.

A template for your marriage barometer in the wedding magazine

You can also find our beautiful example here in the makerspace in the templates. You can use the template with the marriage barometer in your magazine on a page of your choice and customize it according to your wishes and ideas. Replace texts, change colors, add your own elements, etc. If you want to design and create your own marriage barometer, you can find many ideas and inspirations on the internet.