Make a fabulous farewell colleague gift..

A personal way of saying goodbye to your colleague

Are you looking for an original goodbye gift for your colleague who is retiring or changing jobs? Wish them well and create a personalised magazine with with Jilster.

Easy & free

Jilster is more than just an editor.
Our online makerspace is the place for you to make your own magazine in your browser. You can start designing for free.

Personal support

Our support team is there for you throughout your process, feel free to contact us whenever.

Professional quality

Make your farewell gift as a:

  • Stapled magazine
  • Glued magazine
  • Hardcover book

Fast & flexible

  • Starting from 1 copy
  • At your doorstep within days

...choosing from amazing professional templates...

Quick and easy templates for your colleague's farewell magazine

Whether you want to make your own farewell gift template or choose from a selection of business templates, you can make the magazine exactly the way you envision. Customise the brochure together and easily work on pages with your team. Showcase your colleague's best stories, photos, anecdotes and highlights in a personal magazine of professional quality.

farewell colleague templates be enjoyed and published in the style and volume you have in mind.

As a professional magazine or as a hardcover book

Make a farewell gift to be enjoyed over and over again. You also can receive a PDF of a digital copy of your farewell gift. It's up to you how you would like your colleague's farewell gift to be printed:

  1. Stapled magazine with a matte cover
  2. Stapled magazine with a glossy cover
  3. Glued magazine with a glossy cover
  4. Hardcover book
Jilster styles

...find inspiration in the stories of others who went before you...

Stories that matter.
Every year, thousands of makers bundle work stories in Jilster's makerspace as an original way of saying goodbye to their co-workers. We are thankful to the makers who have shared their stories because they are an inspiration for all of us. We welcome you to share your story because every story matters.

"Onder de leiding van Arie ben ik een soort van volwassen geworden. Toen ik hoorde van zijn vertrek kwam ik op het idee om Arie een zelfgemaakt tijdschrift te geven. Er zijn momenten geweest waarop ik stampvoetend of volledig in tranen zijn kantoor ben binnengelopen. Bij Arie kwam ik dan weer tot rust. Het allerleukste vind ik de reactie van Arie op het tijdschrift. Hij was sprakeloos. Dat komt niet vaak voor. - Imke

...and don't worry, we are always here to help you.

Jilly from Jilster

Hi, I'm Jilly,

Want to know more about making your own magazine?


In our FAQ you can ask any questions you may have about making your business gift. The makerspace is easy to use but just in case we have tutorials to help you get started.


The makerspace is easy to use and just to be sure, we have some tutorials that can help you get started.