Tailored service - All inclusive

We rise by lifting others

With our tailor-made service, Jilster takes care of everything or just what you need. The makerspace ensures that you can capture the stories you find important, alone or with our help.

How can we help you make your creation faster, easier, or more beautiful?

Our free makerspace ensures speed, convenience, and the re-use of all your creations. In addition, we are providing you with optimal freedom and control without having to go back to an external designer for every adjustment or edition. Instead, you keep personalized versions in your own hands. This is the freedom and control that Jilster offers to all creators.

Why use Jilster's tailored service?

You decide what is needed for your business brochure, newsletter, business anniversary book. Any story that matters to you and is worth telling.
Our Jilster Pro's can help you with many things: from designing the template, to writing the text, conducting interviews, making photographs and integrating them in your magazine or book.

How to get started?

Would you like a Jilster professional to make your project faster, easier, or more beautiful? Then don't hesitate to get in touch with us. One of our professionals will call you back and ask all the critical questions to relieve you of all your worries.