Make an unforgettable book together...

Your own book is a lifelong treasure
Your story matters. Share your memories and document all those milestones and moments. Easily design and order your own book with as many copies as you wish. Upload your own photos/texts and make anything from photo books, wedding books, family books, yearbooks, cookbooks and more with Jilster.

For any occassion
Make a book as a gift for birthday celebrations, weddings, anniversarys, farewells, and more in our makerspace.

Easy & free
Make a personalised book easily by making use of our collection of templates.

Personal support
Our support team is there for you throughout your process, feel free to contact us whenever.

How to make a book

  1. Create a free account in Jilster's makerspace.
  2. Start your design and choose book.
  3. Choose a template or start from scratch.
  4. Add photos and texts.
  5. Work together in Jilster. Invite friends, family or colleagues as creators.
  6. After they hand in the pages, you do the final editing.
  7. Place your order and have as many books as you want delivered to your doorstep.
how to make a book

Friendship books

Make a friendship book for your BFF
No matter how old you are, everyone enjoys a friendship book. Make your own friendship book together with your friends, family or colleagues, and fill it with thought-provoking questions, personal answers, stories and beautiful photos. Surprise your best friend with a one-of-a-kind gift by making a photo book or memory journal for their birthday, wedding, babyshower, or any special occasion.

make a friendship book

Family history books

What’s your family’s story?
Would you like to treasure and preserve your family’s history? Make a family history book and gather all ur family’s history in one very special book. Perfect to give as a gift, take to reunions and cherish as a keepsake for the whole family and future generations to enjoy.

Ideas to include in your family book:

  • Old photos
  • Family tree
  • Recipes collection
  • Family origin
  • Memoirs
  • Home history: family homes enjoyed by multiple generations
  • “Our family story”

Photo books

Make a beautiful photo book
Share your memories and document all those milestones moments. Design and print your own personalised photo book. Use our mobile app to easily upload images directly from your phone into your photo book creation. Make a photo book for any occassion in the makerspace.

Photo book ideas:

  • Family photo books
  • Wedding photo books
  • Turn your child's artwork into a photo book
  • Travel books
  • Business to business books
  • Club & community photo books
make a photo book

Baby books

Create a baby book online
Capture all of your special moments you and others experience with your baby. Include photos and milestone moments with your own baby book. Make a baby book as a personalised gift for a baby shower.

Ideas to include in your baby book:

  • experiences during pregnancy
  • baby photos & milestones
  • emotional everyday moments
  • seasonal stories and photos
  • challenges in parenting admirations of grandparents
  • all first-time moments
make a baby book

...choosing from an amazing range of professional templates...

A personal book template

Easily make your own eye-catching book template and share it with others to design together. In the makerspace, you'll find extensive templates that you can customise to make your book really matter. If you'd like to make a book from scratch or choose from a template, you can easily customise it to suit your needs.

Jilster book templates finally be published in the style and volume that you have in mind.

As a professional book
You are able to make your book as a (free) digital pageflip, as a PDF, a sample, or printed book. The makerspace, in which you make your creation, is always open en free for use. There is no need to download any software to use the platform.

Jilster hardcover book styles

Get inspired by what others have made before you,

Stories that matter
A book is a collection of memories and emotions. At Jilster we try to share the most inspiring stories with you. They have their origin in different countries. You'll find the most inspiring maker stories about books here.

...and we are always here to help you.

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You can find the answers to your questions about making your own book in our FAQ.