50th birthday

Design a creative magazine for a big birthday

Tips and ideas for a 50th birthday magazine

Half a century - that's something. Those who celebrate their 50th birthday are ready to party. A big celebration with lots of friends, relatives and colleagues is very popular for this occasion. And the birthday present should also be something special. Something that celebrates and focuses on the last fifty years.

Make your own birthday magazine

The plan to make a 50th birthday magazine yourself is quickly made. Now what? - The best thing to do is to get some helpers on board: Who else has been invited? Who knows the birthday boy or girl particularly well? Who has photos from earlier times? Put together an editorial team and work together on the magazine in the makerspace.

Topics for a 50th birthday magazine
It is especially nice if the magazine has a certain theme or motto. This can be the birthday girl's favourite hobby, as in Franziska's magazine. She designed a motorbike magazine for her husband's 50th birthday. One idea is also to base the magazine on the birthday child's favourite magazine. Starting with the cover and ending with the columns, you can adopt a lot of ideas.

Tips for the content

Make a collection of ideas on what to fill the pages of the birthday magazine with. Here are a few inspirations and examples:

  • A timeline with all the important events of the last fifty years
  • A crossword puzzle with personal questions and information
  • Reports on special experiences and milestones in life
  • Photo pages with funny snapshots - perhaps one for each decade
  • What exciting, funny, memorable or historic things happened in the year of your birth?
  • Humorous tips that a man/woman over 50 should definitely take to heart
  • A congratulations page from everyone with good wishes and lots of photos
  • An interview with the birthday boy/girl or someone close to him/her

The layout

A 50th birthday magazine not only needs exciting content, but also a strong layout. If you don't want to design a creative layout yourself using the many options in the makerspace, you're sure to find something suitable in the many beautiful templates there! There is everything you need: the possibilities of a graphics programme and many beautiful magazine templates that you can change in just a few steps. For example, adapt the colours to the birthday child's favourite shades.