Birthday magazine content

What goes in the birthday magazine

Whether it's a milestone birthday, a 16th, 18th, 21st, 50th, 70th ... it simply has to be a special gift. Something personal, something individual and incomparable. The perfect gift is a birthday magazine that you can design yourself and fill with content. Your stories and photos make it something very special. And that brings us to the central question: What kind of content fits into a birthday magazine?

Suitable content for your birthday magazine

The question of what fits particularly well in the birthday magazine is easily answered: What you and your editorial team wants to have in the magazine. A nice idea would be, for example, photos from the birthday child's childhood, a chronicle from the year of birth, memories of the best friends, party snapshots, congratulations, reports on experiences, etc. Do you have enough ideas? Otherwise, be sure to read on, because we've put together our best tips and tricks for you here.

This belongs to every birthday magazine
There are some sections you will find in (almost) all birthday magazines. These elements belong to every magazine to make it look more professional:

The following sections and contents offer many suggestions and ideas:

  • Photos from the past
  • Central themes of life
  • Round birthdays in numbers
  • Timeline
  • Chronicle
  • Guestbook pages with fingerprints
  • Crossword puzzle
  • Quiz - who knows the birthday child particularly well?
  • Vouchers for joint activities