Crossword puzzle in the birthday magazine

For an original element

Personalized puzzle fun: A custom crossword puzzle is a great addition to a birthday magazine you're making for someone. A crossword puzzle fits into any birthday magazine: whether you're making one for your best friend or one with the whole family for Grandma Rosi on her 80th birthday or for a work colleague. Everyone likes to puzzle. Of course, the puzzle will look completely different in each case.

You can easily make a crossword puzzle yourself in the makerspace. We will explain to you how to do it.

  1. Think about topics.

Think about topics for the crossword: personal questions, celebrity questions, knowledge questions, etc. and formulate questions and the appropriate answers.

  1. Choose a crossword puzzle generator.

Select a crossword puzzle generator on the internet, e.g.

  1. Enter your questions into the crossword puzzle generator.

Fill the generator with questions about the topics you've thought about and decide on the details, such as crossword size or frames.

  1. Save your crossword puzzle.

Download the completed and designed .jpg of your crossword puzzle and save it to your computer.

  1. Upload your crossword puzzle to the magazine.

Open your birthday magazine in the makerspace and upload your crossword .jpg to the right page. Design the page with a colored background, a matching headline and the .jpg. Add matching photos if you like.

  1. Place the solutions of the crossword puzzle.

Place the solution to the crossword puzzle in an appropriate place in the magazine, e.g., upside down on the page of the puzzle, in the editorial or on the last page in the magazine.

Tip for puzzle questions

While you make a crossword puzzle for your best friend's magazine that has mainly to do with the two of you and your very special friendship, Grandma Rosi's puzzle includes questions about her life, the whole family or her favorite series. - You see, a crossword puzzle is a personalizable feature that just looks really good in any birthday magazine. The crossword puzzle in the magazine for your best friend is, of course, just for her. Grandma Rosi's puzzle, on the other hand, can be fun for all the guests at the big 80th birthday party. Round birthdays are often celebrated on a large scale with many guests. Here it offers itself to let print several copies of a birthday magazine. Of course, the puzzle should be solvable for all guests. If you are not sure whether everyone has the necessary information, you can hide it throughout the magazine and give this hint on the crossword page.