Make your own birthday magazine

A personalized magazine as a birthday gift

A self-made birthday magazine is a really great gift idea. With Jilster you can create a special and personal birthday magazine alone or together with friends and family of the birthday boy or girl. In Jilster's makerspace you'll find everything you need to create a magazine yourself. We've put together some ideas and tips on how to do it best. Many beautiful magazine templates are available in the makerspace. Based on them, you can conjure up a professional-looking magazine as a birthday gift in no time at all.

Birthday magazine inspiration and ideas

In the stories of the other makers you can gather inspiration and ideas for your own creative project. The magazine templates in the makerspace also provide ideas for layouts and themes. Finding ideas for your birthday magazine isn't as hard as you might think. Get inspired by the stories and experiences of other makers. And feel free to share your own story with everyone else.