What is an editorial and how do you write one

An Editorial

Every good magazine has an editorial! The editorial is the preface that the publisher or editor-in-chief of a magazine formulates and prefaces each issue. Of course, your self-designed wedding or birthday magazine needs one, too, right? - But how do you actually write an editorial?

What is an editorial?

An editorial usually appears on the first pages of a magazine, near the table of contents or the masthead. It is a very personally colored text. It's the only place in a magazine where someone from the editorial team can speak directly to readers and "tell" them something. So it's also a nice communication opportunity for the editorial team. In addition to the editorial, there is always a photo of the editor-in-chief or publisher. Often it's a photo that seems to be right out of life, rather than a serious image reminiscent of a job application photo. It matches the personal touch and tone of the foreword.

What is in an editorial?

The content of an editorial is always very personally colored. It can be small anecdotes related to the content of the issue or a personally colored opinion of the editor-in-chief or the publisher on a certain topic - this is also related to the content of the magazine, of course. At the end of the editorial, a personal greeting should not be missing, which makes you want to browse through the magazine and read the corresponding articles.

How do you write an editorial?

A personal foreword, an editorial, is also a good idea for the wedding magazine you are designing for your brother and his wife, the birthday magazine for your mother or the farewell magazine for your favorite colleague. Here you have the opportunity to address the recipient directly. You can formulate a few personal words on the occasion and refer to your shared history, for example, briefly allude to shared experiences. In a wedding magazine, for example, you could tell how you remember the first time you met your girlfriend's partner. Personal congratulations also find a good place here. Be sure to include a nice photo of yourself. You can also write an editorial from the perspective of an entire editorial team. - Then, of course, it would be nice if everyone is pictured in the photo or if many small photos of the editorial team members are put together to form a collage.