A babyshower friendship book

Of course you can give the umpteenth hydrophilic nappy, baby clothes or stuffed animal as a gift, which is very practical. The best gift for your pregnant friend, sister (in law) or colleague is a gift that makes her laugh, evokes beautiful memories and creates new ones.

Make a babyshower book
Make a friendship book with friends, family or colleagues, filled with fascinating questions, personal answers, stories, and beautiful photos. Everyone creates their personal page through Jilster's makerspace, after which a real book or magazine is created. The result: an unforgettable original gift.

Guess the baby pictures
To make the book even more personal, you can write an introduction and add extra photo pages. Ask everyone to add a baby photo of themselves to their personal page, and have the mom-to-be guess who is who. Get inspired by our free professional templates.

With questions like:
A babyshower book is the ultimate babyshower gift for the future mom, but also future dad and their child. With questions like:

  • Describe your pregnant friend
  • ... will be a wonderful mom, because:
  • A boy or girl? I'm certain about this, you will get a baby ..., because:
  • Beautiful names for your baby are:
  • Horrible names for your baby are:
  • If you're pregnant, don't wear:
  • You are a mom soon: this is how you keep the plates spinning
  • This is what I would like to say to your partner:
  • This is what I would like to say to the little one: