Profile of the bridal couple

Present the bride and groom in the wedding magazine with all their facets

Of course, a wedding magazine is mainly about the bride and groom, whom all the guests know. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, it is a nice idea to introduce the bride and groom to everyone. You can compile a list of all the lovable preferences and characteristics of the bride and groom. Not all wedding guests know them equally well, and it is also exciting for the newlyweds to read what their closest friends and relatives find special and what they recall.

How to make a profile for the bride and groom

It takes four steps to put together great spreads for the bride and groom in the wedding magazine:

1. Collect information
A profile contains the most important facts about a person in a concise way that can be grasped at a glance. It contains all the exciting, important and entertaining facts that are characteristic of a person. In a wedding magazine, of course, this should not be too sober and too simple, but instead romantic and a bit funny - and of course always positive. But that's obvious. When you compile the profiles for the bride and groom, it is best to first collect everything you can think of about the typical characteristics of the bride and groom. This includes key information such as names, dates of birth, and perhaps details of siblings and parents. Then add facts such as favourite food, favourite holiday destination, first word, greatest hobby and much more. Also be sure to ask siblings, parents, (school) friends of the bride and groom and other people from their immediate environment. They often have great ideas and suggestions. In the end, you will probably have an extensive list. Now it's time to sort it out. Everything that is not important or boring can be crossed out. Surprising information or really typical characteristics, on the other hand, should not be missing. Make sure that the profiles of the bride and groom are roughly the same length. It is nice if you can fill in the same categories for both. But that doesn't have to be the case. He may have an interesting favourite food and she may have an exciting hobby and a funny nickname, and vice versa.

2. Humour desired
The readers - and also the bride and groom - are very happy to receive some humorous or tongue-in-cheek information. But be careful: make sure that this funny information is neither secret nor below the belt. And even with sensitive people, you should consider whether the humorous and teasingly intended profile information could offend them. If in doubt, ask someone else in your circle of friends or family for advice.

3. Do not forget the photo
Last but not least, a good profile also includes a characteristic photo. You can choose between a couple photo of the bride and groom or individual photos. Another option is to choose a current photo and place a funny or beautiful one from their childhood or youth next to it.

4. The layout
In the makerspace you can design the profile according to your own ideas and in line with the layout you have chosen for your wedding magazine. Our tip is: Have a look at the magazine templates for the graduation magazines. There are great templates for profiles. You can use them for your wedding magazine and adapt the colours and fonts to those of your wedding magazine. It's unbelievable what a startek effect a different colour and font can have, isn't it?