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Design your own magazine just the way you like it

Making your own magazine

Designing your own magazine is not as much work as you might think: At Jilster you can work on your magazine together with others, e.g. friends, family or colleagues. Invite everyone to the makerspace and get started together. In the makerspace you will find everything you need to make a magazine that looks like it was designed by a professional. The programme offers the advantages of a graphics programme plus many beautiful templates that you can use as a basis for your magazine. There are many occasions for this: As a great gift, e.g. for a (big) birthday, a wedding or as a farewell gift for a colleague. You can also design a brochure or a catalogue for your company or make a student or school-leaving newspaper together with your classmates. Do you have any more ideas?

And what does the magazine look like?

With the help of our many magazine templates on a wide range of topics, you can quickly make a magazine yourself. Choose the pages you like best from the template, add your own text and photos, adjust the colours and layout - and you're done. Then decide how you want to have your magazine printed. You can choose from different versions: stitched, stitched with glossy cover, glued glossy magazine or even as a bound book. The quality of the printed magazines is very important to us.

3 steps to your own magazine

Here's how you can make your own magazine in just a few steps with Jilster:

Step 1
Register for free and try everything out. Do you want someone to work on your project? Send an invitation to your friends, relatives and colleagues and give them one or more pages in your magazine.

Step 2
Now you can get started. In the makerspace, edit each page the way you like it. Add your own photos and text, design your own layout or use a template.

Step 3
Are you completely satisfied with your magazine? Is everyone finished with their pages? Then you can order your magazine. By the way: You can also order a sample copy of your magazine first.

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