Wedding magazine profiles

Get to know the witnesses of honor

Among the most important people at a wedding are the groomsmen and bridesmaids. They are closely associated with the bride and groom. For many years, groomsmen and bridesmaids have no longer been required for civil marriages. Most couples nevertheless name which, because it is a romantic and beautiful tradition. Mostly it is the best friends or the brothers and sisters. Just the people who are closely connected with the bride and groom and with whom they have already experienced a lot. Many other guests are curious about these two special people. Some of them may have known them since childhood, others may have seen them only once. They all want to know more about the bride and groom's closest confidants - where better to do that than in the wedding magazine? Especially at big weddings, you don't have the chance to get into conversation with everyone. On such a day, there are usually always small breaks where you can browse through the wedding magazine. Such a groomsmen profile is well suited for this and also offers a lot of material to start a personal conversation. Above all for the shy ones under the guests. And in the romantic atmosphere of a wedding also already so some new pairs are to have found together.


Create profiles for the wedding party

If you create a wedding magazine in the makerspace, then plan space for an introduction of the groomsmen. As in our example, a double page spread is particularly suitable for this. Then you can design a separate page for each of them.

Here's how:

  • Schedule an interview. This can take place on the phone, via video chat, by e-mail or over coffee together.
  • Think of four to six short interview questions to ask the groomsmen in advance, such as "How do you know the bride/groom?"
  • Also ask for the interesting facts, such as age, place of residence, relationship status, occupation, favorite song.
  • Ask for a recent photo of the groomsmen.
  • Also ask for a picture with the bride/groom as old as possible.
  • Ask for the wording of a good wish for the bride and groom, e.g. "I wish the bride and groom much luck in achieving their dreams together".
  • Also, have them tell you some funny anecdotes about their time together with the bride and groom. Some like to share a few (harmless) things from the sewing box.


You can use double-page spread for groomsmen's wanted posters as a basis for creating your own groomsmen's wanted posters. You can find it in the makerspace in the templates.