Wedding magazine


Getting to know the bride and groom

A wedding is a great moment for a retrospective. When and how did everything start? How and where did the bride and groom meet? There is enough space in the wedding magazine to reveal the story and revive it. Write a report about it and share it with all the readers of the wedding magazine. The story of how the bride and groom met may not be known to all the guests. Maybe there is a sweet or funny story about it.

The story of getting to know each other in the wedding magazine

The story of how the couple got to know each other can find its place in the wedding magazine in various ways: As a classic reportage with a high amount of text, as a photo story (maybe even as an impromptu photo love story with speech bubbles and such), or maybe even as a timeline if the couple took it slow. Before you write your reportage about the bride and groom getting to know each other, you should (carefully) check whether the bride and groom would like you to publish it or find it too personal. In some circumstances, the bride and groom may not want the story out in the open. If you've gotten approval - or are very sure that they'll like the story in your wedding magazine - then getting pictures is the next step. Do you have any photos from the couple's first love affair? Ask other friends or relatives. Perhaps you can use a pretext to get pictures and further details of the story directly from the bride and groom. Of course, you have to be careful. That is obvious. We recommend that you make the type of article based on what and how much material you can get. If you have a lot of information, a reportage is great. If you have mostly photos over a certain period of time, then create a timeline or a photo love story. You can also create a "Facts about the bride and groom" page. You can find suitably layout pages for all variants in the magazine templates in the makerspace.