A joint gift for the bride and groom

Has the wedding of your daughter, brother or best friend been postponed? You probably would love to give them both a big hug. But that's just not possible right now? With a personalised glossy, you can still show them you love them.

Personal glossy

You probably have funny stories about yourself with the bride or groom. Share this in a funny anecdote. Invite other wedding guests (family, friends, colleagues, club members, etc.) to do the same. Everyone can make a page with text and photos.

Give the parents (in law) a call. They can probably tell you a lot about the bride and groom when they were children. Who they used to have a secret crush on. Which poster hung above their bed and more.

How do you make a joint gift for the bride and groom? Making a wedding glossy is quick and easy. In 3 simple steps you can create a magazine:

1. Create a free account

Use the online makerspace and create a magazine for free.

2. Create wedding gift for free

Add your own photos, texts and pdf files and edit the pages however you like. You can also use templates and cliparts.

3. Share your wedding glossy with others

When your glossy is complete, you can easily share it.