Magazine sections

Magazine sections

A magazine is made up of sections. A section is a part of a magazine about the same subject. You can think of a photo reportage about fashion, a games page or a cooking section. Below you will find a small selection of the articles we have written about magazine sections.

Section 1: Cover

Is the cover a category? Maybe not strictly speaking, but it is an integral part of your magazine. It is also a very important page: the front page is the first page you see.

Read these 5 tips for an even more beautiful cover.

Section 2: Table of contents

The contents page makes it clear at a glance what is in your magazine. Indicate which article you can find on which page. Highlight a few articles by repeating the photo of that page in the table of contents, and add the title and page number.

Section 3: Editorial

You can place an editorial on one of the first pages of the magazine. This is a short preface written by the chief editor. In it, you can explain why you have made this magazine and with whom. You can also briefly mention what you can read in the magazine. Add a nice portrait photo to the editorial and sign your own name.

Section 4: Reportage

Use text and pictures to tell a certain story about fashion, a trip you made together, his or her pet, and so on.

Section 5: Column

Tell a personal story or share your opinion in a column. For example, you can write about the reason you started this magazine or about something you experienced.

Learn how to express your creativity in a column.

Rubicle 6: Interview

Interview relatives and friends of the person for whom you are making the magazine. Prepare the interview well in advance by typing/writing the questions. You can have a short or long interview.

Read the interview section on how to make it even more fun

Section 7: Cooking section

A recipe in the magazine is always fun. Choose a favourite recipe of the person you are making the magazine for, or ask all the editors who are collaborating on the magazine to put their own favourite recipe in.

Section 8: Crossword puzzle

Create your own crossword puzzle. On the Internet you can generate your own crossword puzzle easily and for free. Create a crossword puzzle about the bride-to-be, the birthday boy or any other subject that suits the magazine you are making.

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