Make your own free online magazine

Would you like to print your own magazine or do you want to create a free online magazine? We welcome you then in Jilster's makerspace. In the makerspace you can make your own online magazine, free of charge. Register without any obligations and get to work: start a new magazine en begin editing your own pages. Add pictures and texts, and edit them as you wish. Have you finished your magazine? You can share it with your friends in a jiffy. Do you prefer a printed version? You can get it printed from 1 copy.

Make a free online magazine in 3 steps

How do you make an online magazine? In 3 easy steps you can make a magazine, share it online, or get your magazine printed. You can share it with others online, via email or social media.

Step 1: Register
Create a Jilster account and try it out. Get to know the online makerspace and create an online magazine. Creating an online magazine is free.

Step 2: Make an online magazine for free
Start your own magazine. Add your own pictures and texts and edit the pages as you wish. You can also use the templates and clip-arts or upload your own pdf file.

Stap 3: Share your magazine online
Have you finished your own online magazine? Share it easily from the makerspace.

Make a book or magazine

In the makerspace you create a magazine or book alone and together. You can get it printed as a professional copy. You don't have to be a professional designer or writer to create a beautiful magazine.

Creating a magazine isn't just a lot of fun. It is useful and applicable for many purposes. You can get a homemade magazine printed as a gift for your friend's birthday, your brother's marriage or your colleagues retirement. You can also create a magazine for business purposes. Create a magazine for your company, as a school assignment or as a tool or catalogue used in the health care system.

Choose from many different varieties

Depending on the number of pages you can get your magazine printed in different versions, as a book, or as a poster. Every version is printed professionally and you can order them from 1 copy. It is always possible to create an online magazine, free of charge.