Make a thesis like a professional

Would you like to impress your teachers with your thesis? Then think about having it printed like a real professional magazine. Or have it printed like a real book in bookstore quality. You won't have to deal with inferior binders, ring binders or long queues at the copy shop. You can make a thesis online in the makerspace and have it delivered to your home as a magazine or book. It is also possible to make a thesis and have it printed as a proof first.

How to make your own professional thesis in the makerspace?

  1. Choose a template from one of the templates.
  2. Write the thesis
  3. Do the final editing and prepare the thesis.
  4. Place your order and have your thesis delivered to your doorstep.

Make and print your thesis

You decide what your thesis will look like. Your thesis can be printed in several styles. You can also create your thesis online and share it online. So in addition to creating an online thesis, you can also choose to have your thesis printed as a magazine or book. This can be done from as little as one copy. You can even make two different versions of your thesis: one version especially for online use and one version for printing. For example, to share with supervisors or teachers.


Make your own thesis

How to write a thesis? Creating a thesis is quick and easy. In 3 simple steps, you can create a thesis and then share it online:

1. Create an account

Use the online makerspace and create an online thesis for free.

2. Free thesis creation

Add your own photos, texts and pdf files and edit the pages however you like. You can also use templates and clip-arts.

3. Share your thesis with others

When your thesis is complete, you can easily share it.

Create an online thesis together

Working on a thesis together online is also possible. You can work on your thesis together with several people online. From all over the world and in different languages.