Interview bride and groom wedding magazine

Interview the bride and groom for your wedding magazine

An interview with the bride and groom in a wedding magazine is something wonderful and offers many possibilities: It can be funny, romantic and even include a few cheeky questions. It all depends on the bride and groom, the style of the wedding magazine and of course on you. A wedding magazine should be a great reminder for the bride and groom of their big day, but also entertain and amuse the guests, for example when the couple is out with the photographer. The readers of your wedding magazine know the bride and groom - they are relatives, friends, colleagues, neighbours ... - but they don't know everything. That's why an interview with the bride and groom in the wedding magazine is so interesting for them. Here they can learn new things, maybe even a few revealed secrets ...

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Good preparation is (almost) everything

Before you conduct the interview, you should prepare well and think about the questions. They should be questions to which you will get the most exciting answers possible, which will interest your readers and which they don't know yet. Unexpected questions are also more fun for the bride and groom. Only you can decide which questions suit "your" bride and groom. Some people are happy about cheeky questions and give the appropriate cheeky answers, some others feel put on the spot and are even hurt in the worst case. So be both sensitive and creative in developing your interview questions. You can read a mix of classic, imaginative and a bit cheeky questions in our example. You can find the template in makerspace under "Other pages". Feel free to let it inspire you when you put together your own ideas. To make the interview as funny and interesting as possible, you should ask the bride and groom the same questions, or slightly adapted and modified questions - separately, of course.

How to ask the questions

If you have the opportunity, you can interview the bride and groom in person by asking them your questions individually. You can also email your questions to both of them with brief instructions (e.g. "Please answer in one sentence." or "Answer in bullet points only."). Don't forget to ask both of them to keep your answers confidential and to give you a date by which you would like to have them back. The questions and the answers to the bride and groom can then be compared on one page in your wedding newspaper, as in our example here. Alternatively, you can use a double page spread. This way, readers can compare the couple's different answers right away.