A personal gift for your mother

A personal gift for your mother by creating her own magazine requires no Photoshop experience. With the online makerspace you can easily create a magazine. The Jilster makerspace is open and free to use. You don't have to download anything, there are no in-app purchases and there are no subscriptions. Only when producing a physical version will costs be charged.

Make your own magazine as a gift

A self-made glossy is a personal gift for a family member, friend or colleague, for example. Would you like to give your mother something personal for once that she has never received? You can make a nice magazine for her together. This can be in the form of a glossy or hardcover book.

Assemble your team

When working together in the makerspace, there always is at least one person in charge. The chief editor is responsible for the result, guards the deadline and can order the gift as a printed copy.

Have you taken on the role of chief editor? Then you are the one who invites other family members to create a page in the online magazine for your mother. They will receive an invitation by e-mail to fill in their own page. This way, everyone gets the opportunity to contribute to the personal gift.

Make agreements on the design

Before you start, it is also useful to think about what recurring font and colours will be used. For example, which font will you use when answering questions? This ensures coherence.

Making a photo collage

Do you want to put a lot of photos in your online magazine? Then consider a photo collage. Add the photos and images you have collected to your collage. Choose from several filters to edit your photos and add text to your collage. The programme also includes various templates, backgrounds and cliparts that you can use for free.

What does a printed copy cost?

The costs depend on the design, the number of pages, the print run and the shipping method. You can calculate this using the calculator. You can produce as little as one copy and there is no maximum. Volume discounts increase automatically as you produce more.