The recipe for a long and happy marriage

Are you going to make a magazine as a wedding present for a friend? Do you know when you are going to give it to them? On the day itself or a few days after? It is a nice idea to make a page with tips for a long and happy marriage. Be creative with your tips, it will make it extra fun for the couple to read.

The recipe for a long and happy marriage

You can jokingly design some of the 'ingredients' for a good marriage as a recipe on the page. Or a list of tips. It's up to you. We have listed a few tips for you. You can copy these into your magazine. But you can also think of or pick out a few yourself. If you have been happily married for a number of years, you can also share your own experiences with the new couple.

And they lived happily ever after

5 ingredients for a happy ever after


2 dashes stand there and watch

3 spoons take a break

1 slice prevent hunger

½ litre of timing

5 twigs R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

Preparation method:

1- Watch your partner play a game
Get out a board game on a Friday night and compete in an old-fashioned game of Monopoly or Trivia. You'll learn a lot about your loved one that way. Can the hubby actually stand to lose or does he throw the whole contraption across the room when he loses? Does your wife like to gloat and torment you throughout the game? Watching your partner play a game is not such a bad idea.

2- Step out of your comfort zone
Keep challenging each other. Keep going on real dates and take your sweetheart to a place that is not the most obvious. Think: a monster-truck rally, a figure skating workshop or cycling through the city on a tandem. How are you together if you are both no longer in your usual surroundings? A new environment can give a good indication of whether you are with the right person.

3- Eat a sandwich
The time has come... You have your first marital fight. Most likely, more will follow. That is part of the game and very healthy for your relationship. But, come on, don't fight on an empty stomach! It's not that a cheese sandwich or a bowl of muesli is relationship therapy, but hunger can transform any small relationship outbreak into a devastating monsoon.

4- Time the difficult conversations
Often, you bring up a difficult subject when you feel the need to talk about it. That is the wrong approach. Talk about it when you are both calm and open. Time the moment for a good conversation. Also, don't insist on concluding a discussion right away. Sometimes you need a break - usually before the shouting starts.

5- Remain respectful
It sounds very obvious, but always remain respectful to the other person. It is not the case that being married or in a relationship means you no longer have to consider the feelings of the other person. You cannot treat your partner worse than a friend. In other words, love is not a licence to be rude.

Trick: for a week, think of your partner as someone you want to impress. Because in the end, that's how it is, right?