For an unforgettable birthday

Surprise the birthday boy or girl with a personal gift on their doorstep. Bundle your best stories and photos together in a homemade magazine. This will give the birthday boy or girl an unforgettable birthday. Start a magazine and invite family and friends to create pages as well.

Package of LOVE
A personalized magazine shows that you care about someone. It is a way of saying that you appreciate someone and enjoy their company. Once the magazine is filled with fun anecdotes, photos and stories, it can be sent to the birthday celebrant. Once delivered and unwrapped, there lies a beautiful magazine with glossy cover. On the cover is his face with a nice congratulations. Stories that the birthday boy or girl can browse through for years to come.

Do it together
Get other family members and friends excited about contributing. It is possible to work on a magazine with several people at once. Everyone can format a page themselves or choose from ready-made templates.

How do you make a personal magazine?

  1. Invite the birthday boy's friends and family
  2. Choose a design for the birthday magazine
  3. Collect photos and memories and add them to the birthday magazine
  4. Do a final check of all pages
  5. Place your order and have the birthday magazine delivered to your home

A magazine is suitable for every occasion. Or just for the sake of it. Sometimes you don't need a reason to do something unforgettable for someone else.