A unique 'sweet 16' gift

Make a magazine for your son, daughter or your friend

In America, it's a long-standing tradition: throwing a sweet 16. Thanks to TV channel MTV, we are richer in thousands of examples of teenage girls. Usually spoiled teenage girls with overly rich mom and dad. But how do you throw an unforgettable party without giving out cars?

An unforgettable birthday gift

Not a car, but a magazine as an unforgettable birthday gift that will last for years. In a world that is mostly focused on consuming, this is a great way to show your child what is most important in life. Family, friendship and love.

Involve other family members, friends and acquaintances in the creation process as well. For example, let everyone create their own page with text and photos. In this way, the most beautiful stories, valuable memories, nice pictures and funny anecdotes can be bundled in a personal magazine.

Tips for your magazine content

  • Have the old diplomas (lace-up diploma, swimming diploma(s), school diploma, etc.)
    and drawings survived? Scan these in and add them to the magazine.
  • Set up a section with photos from baby to present.
  • Insert a photo of his or her birth announcement or scan it in as well. Have the birth announcement reappear in the magazine.
  • Add a page with the things that matter to your child; hobbies and passions.
  • Write a funny anecdote about how the birthing went.
  • Make a list of what happened in the world on his or her day of birth. Include interesting historical facts, what the weather was like, which famous people were also born on that day, and so on.
  • Compile a list of the things a 16-year-old is legally allowed to do and decide. Or, conversely, what he or she is not yet entitled to do.

Sweet 16 birthday party

Besides giving a magazine, you can of course also organize a cool sweet 16 party. As a surprise or just together with your almost grown-up child (or friend).