Tips for the wedding night

In a successful wedding magazine, humor should not be neglected. Provide the bride and groom with your best tips for a successful wedding night. And you shouldn't necessarily take them too seriously.

Fun for every wedding magazine

At least one livening-up, humorous column fits into (almost) every wedding magazine, because fun is a must. What could be more suitable than tangible tips for the "night of nights" - the wedding night? The bride and groom and the other wedding guests will be royally amused by this page in the magazine.

Tips for the wedding night - the content

Whether you take your tips for a wedding night seriously or rather tongue-in-cheek is of course up to you and your creativity. You know the wedding couple best and know what they like. We decided to go for the humorous version: to make our article funny, we thought about what makes a thoroughly romantic night - and turned everything around without further ado. Everyone can imagine that, for example, listening ears of the in-laws in the next room or unpleasant surprises like a bedroom full of balloons are an absolute turn-off when it comes to the whole thing. A good reason to include them in our 10 tips for the wedding night. Once you start compiling tips like these, you'll quickly come up with more. We recommend including a small smiling note as the last tip about how seriously the tips should be taken. This guarantees that there will be no irritation. Adapt the tips to the bridal couple: Do they already have children or an affectionate dog? Then recommend that they should not be moved out. If the newlyweds are not staying in their own home, but in a hotel, then delete the relevant points and replace them, for example, with the recommendation to choose a hotel that is as inexpensive as possible, has thin walls, and so on.

The layout

Of course, you should adapt the layout of the tips for the wedding night to the style and layout of the entire wedding magazine, so that the whole booklet is consistent. Do you like our layout for the wedding night tips? You can find the template in the makerspace. From there, you can copy it right into your own magazine and customize it to your liking.