3 tips for writing your personal message

These tips wil make your magazine more personal

3 helpful tips to write your personal message

Filling the magazine with the beautiful and heartfelt words of family and friends makes the magazine very special. But writing a personal message is not so easy. Still, you don't have to be a trained writer to get something good down on paper.

Tip 1: First impression
Write about how you first met. Where was that? Do you remember your first impression?
Write about your first contact. Where was it? Do you remember what your first impression was? Often that says a lot about someone. Or what about when you got to know him or her better. Maybe that showed that he or she was very different. Describe that.

Tip 2: Similarities

List all the similarities you have. This can be very practical and factual (we both have a dog, we are both from Sheffield, we both like the same music), but it can also be more personal (we both do things thoroughly, we both like honesty, we share the same humour).

Tip 3: Recipe
Write out a recipe of a dish (or cake) that you know your son/daughter, niece/nephew loves. Make it personal by telling about the times you ate this together. Where was it and who were you with? Invite him or her to eat it together soon.

Working on a magazine together

Have you been appointed chief-maker of the magazine? It's up to you to get the group together and make sure everyone delivers their personal stories on time. In the Jilster makerspace you can easily work together on a magazine. Everyone delivers their self-written stories with a photo and the chief-maker can place it on the page. Or the chief-maker assigns pages to everyone in the group, so that they can personalise their own page. Everyone can write their own personal message in the book or magazine.

Arrange a group photo shoot

It is nice to place an individual photo with each submitted text. It is also great fun to place a photo of the entire group across the page. You can schedule a photo shoot for this, for example with the entire family or group of friends.