The twenty one magazine

Cheers to 21 years

Is your friend finally an adult? With a twenty-one magazine you can put the 21-year-old in the spotlight. Work with all your college friends on a magazine full of questions, great highlights, embarrassing moments and pictures. Dating, drunken evenings, secret crushes, education: nothing is left unsaid.

The 21 dinner

A twenty-one magazine is a nice surprise at a 21 dinner. The 21-Dinner is a tradition that is especially known among student associations, but more and more non-members participate as well. The idea is that you invite your new study friends to have dinner at your parents' house, so they also get to know your life outside of 'student life'.

Have you already taken a look at Mylena's 21 magazine? It has recently gone live in the editor. It's also worth checking out for inspiration.

More tips

Girlfriends' memories
What do my (old) school friends say about me? What was I like as a child in primary school? How did we get to know each other? What makes our friendship so special?

Dating & relationships
Which hearts have I already conquered? Can you learn anything from me when it comes to dating? Why or why not?

A crush on celebrities
Everyone has had a crush in the past. Who would I like to have a toast with?

What bloopers am I known for? What funny things have I experienced with you?

You go girl. What important milestones have I reached recently? Reasons why you are proud of me.

Back in the day
What do my parents say about me? What memories do they have of my childhood? Where did I grow up? What did I want to be when I grew up?