Wedding Bingo

How to include games in your wedding magazine

How to include games in your wedding magazine…

Are you looking for a funny contribution to your wedding magazine? Something fun and entertaining for wedding guests? Make your own bingo and include it in your own wedding magazine. For wedding parties who don't know each other very well and for guests who have time to spare during the reception, bingo is a perfect icebreaker game for all. play together during the wedding…


How can guests entertain themselves while they are waiting for the food to arrive or when the newlyweds are taking photos? Bingo is a classic fun game everyone can play, no matter their age. The rules of classic bingo goes as follows: every player has a bingo card with rows of numbers. The game master draws a number one ball at a time until someone completes a 'bingo' pattern, such as a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row on their cards.

However, our wedding bingo works a little differently. There are no numbers on the card, but properties or information about people. No numbers are displayed or called up either. Here are the rules of the game:

Go on a search for people who meet any of the criteria on the bingo card. Once you've found a suitable person, write their name down and cross off the box. When you have found everyone in a row or column, you have bingo. Whoever crossed out all the boxes on the card and reports to the maid of honor first, wins the prize.

You can find our bingo template in our makerspace and if you have any questions, send us a message. We are always happy to help.