Wedding magazine: The bachelor party

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The last big party before the wedding

A bachelor party is the last big bash with the best friends or the best buddies before the wedding and a popular ritual. It doesn't always have to be the pub crawl or the weekend in an exciting city, party island or ski lodge. Some go on spa days, hikes, cooking events or plan creative projects. The most beautiful thing about these undertakings, excursions, short trips or party nights is above all to spend time with the closest girlfriends or the best buddies once again. Such a special event should really be remembered for a long time, right? That's why it's a nice idea if you reserve a place for the bachelor party or the two bachelor parties in the wedding magazine. There are various ways to put this into practice.

Bachelor party in the wedding magazine

You can, for example, formulate a really nice reportage with an extensive atmospheric text and complete it with a lot of photos. The report is especially suitable if you have made an extraordinary trip or planned another special undertaking. It can easily be two to three double-page spreads. Therefore, you should definitely keep in mind how large the total size of your wedding newspaper is and also consider whether you want to include both bachelor parties in the wedding newspaper. The reports should not take up too much space in the magazine. If you have taken a lot of photos and don't want or don't have time to write long texts, you can also write the bachelor party as a photo collage or photo report. Here you can create a double page spread with lots of photos. A few crisp captions and a nice headline above the page - and the photo report is ready. Tip: It is especially nice if you sort the photos in chronological order of their creation. Another variant is the following: On a double page, the bachelor parties of the bride and groom are compared to each other. On the left, the bride's and on the right, the groom's. In addition to a few nice snapshots at the top of the page, each outlines the events of the bachelor party. In the middle of the page there is enough space to write a report about the bachelor party. As an alternative to a longer text, you can also place sound bites from various friends who were there.

The template

Do you like our beautiful spread? You can find this page as a template in our makerspace in the wedding template. In the makerspace you can take over these pages directly into your own wedding magazine and adapt and design them there according to your ideas. Take over the structure of the page if you like it, add individual design elements and leave out others. If you change the fonts, you can change the entire look of the pages. Also, make sure to match the colors to the rest of the magazine and add decorative elements that match the wedding theme.