Friends in wedding magazine

The best friends deserve a place in the wedding magazine as well. After all, they have already spent a lot of time together with the bride and groom and accompanied them for a long time on their journey through life so far. Perhaps the bride and groom have even met through the clique or the club? Everyone in the circle of friends can certainly think of one or two funny, wonderful or memorable stories that they have experienced with the bride and groom. It's fun for the bride and groom to be reminded of them, and all the other readers are no doubt interested in learning a little more about the bride and groom and their circle of friends. Depending on the size of the circle of friends, plan one or two double-page spreads per person in your self-designed wedding magazine and get to work.

Friends in the wedding magazine

Think about which friends could contribute and ask them to write a fun article for your wedding magazine. If they want to, you can of course assist them with the writing. A photo of the writer or a joint photo with the bride or groom is a nice finishing touch. Perhaps a few friends would like to write a text together, create a photo page, put together a puzzle, and much more. There may even be enough material for a short reportage - for example, about a vacation spent together or the time they spent together at school.

The templates

In the makerspace you can find many beautiful templates for your own magazines. You can also choose from the individual templates for the projects and text contributions of friends. You can easily adapt colors and fonts to your wedding journal project. This is a wonderful example of how you can use our templates for other themes as well. Choose the layout you like best and customize it.