Children at the wedding

A special children's page for the wedding magazine

Children's page in the wedding magazine

When designing the wedding magazine, think about the little ones. They also want to be entertained and should have a good time at the wedding. A wedding is often long and boring for the little guests: waiting for food, making speeches and taking photos. All this can drag on and cause dissatisfaction in the children. A children's page with fun and exciting games and puzzles is the ideal break filler for these moments. Therefore, plan space for it in your wedding magazine. There's plenty of room for fun and games.

This is a guaranteed way to avoid boredom

In our designed page and on various sites on the internet you will find suitable suggestions for games with which you can fill your children's page. Sudoku puzzles, for example, are a lot of fun for children - once they have understood the principle. For the Sudoku, you can use symbols that match the wedding theme or the respective wedding motto. Other ideas: Looking to see which shadow matches a picture is exciting, as are troubleshooting pictures or perhaps even a crossword puzzle that can match the wedding in terms of content. Also simple memo games to cut out and play instant tickets. You can also integrate jokes, joke questions or little stories. For the younger ones, colouring pictures are a good idea. Note: Make sure you have enough pens for the wedding party so that the children can fill in the children's page of the wedding magazine. Colouring pads and small games can also be used for entertainment.


The template

Do you like our beautiful children's page for the wedding magazine? - We have saved the template for you in the makerspace. You can use this template in makerspace directly in your magazine project and adapt it according to your own wishes and ideas.