Riddles for a wedding magazine

Design your own riddles for a wedding magazine

A wedding magazine should also include a page of exciting puzzles and brain games. In this article, we explain how to create a fun crossword puzzle, a Mr & Mrs quiz, or a wedding test for a wedding magazine.

Fun pastime at the wedding party

A wedding is an exciting day, but it can also be very long. Especially for the guests, there are often waiting times, for example when the bride and groom are taking pictures or while waiting for the food. For these moments you can think of a little pastime: a puzzle page in the wedding magazine is a welcome change for all the impatient guests. We suggest the following three types of puzzles:

A crossword puzzle for the wedding magazine
The crossword puzzle is the classic among brainteasers. It is especially fun if you design a crossword puzzle especially for this special occasion.

The Mr & Mrs Quiz
Another type of riddle is the Mr & Mrs quiz. The question is, how well do the bride and groom know each other? Does the bride know her groom's favorite movie or the name of his first grade teacher? Does the groom really listen to his fiancée or does he prefer not to? Does he know the name of her first pet and which friend she first went on vacation with alone? With the Mr & Mrs quiz you can test your knowledge of the bride and groom.

The big wedding test
Are the wedding guests experts on weddings? You can find out with a self-designed wedding test. Think of various knowledge questions around the topic of marriage.

Design a crossword puzzle

Fortunately, there are a number of useful online programs on the internet that make it much easier for you to create your own crossword puzzle. You simply think about the questions and answers and the program generates the puzzle for you. The program then returns the finished puzzle after a few seconds.
For the crossword puzzle, think of the most exciting questions about the bride and groom beforehand. Here are a few examples:

Where did the couple meet?
What is the profession of the bride's father?
Of which series has the groom not yet missed an episode?
In what month did the marriage proposal take place?
What is the middle name of the bridesmaid?

The environment of the bride and groom provides you with a lot of material for your riddle. You can also ask friends and family of the bride and groom to each ask you a question with an answer. Then you have a large selection and can pick the best, most difficult or funniest questions.

Design the Mr & Mrs quiz yourself
In the makerspace, you will find templates for the quiz. You can use this template for your own wedding magazine.

Before the wedding ceremony, copy the template several times and cut out the cards. The bride and groom will now each fill out a set about themselves. These will be the control cards. Then the game can begin! Now have them both answer the questions about each other. For each correct answer, you must score as many points as indicated at the top of the card. Write down the correct answers on the scorecard, add up all the points and you'll know who the winner is. You can also involve the wedding guests by giving all guests two sets of cards. That way they can guess and write down their answers about the bride and groom.

The big wedding test: test your knowledge on marriage
Are the wedding guests experts when it comes to getting married? You can find out with a self-designed wedding test. Consider different questions around the topic of marriage, for example:

Why does the groom carry the bride across the threshold?
(a) The ghosts are lurking under the door.
b) The bride's feet hurt from h
er bridal shoes.
c) So that the bride can get to the stove quickly enough.
d) It proves the groom's strength.
You can also find a template for this quiz in the makerspace. You can easily modify it.
The layout is already done. You just need to think of a few good questions.

The solution to the riddle
In a magazine, the solutions to a puzzle are classically upside down or on the last page, so readers aren't so likely to cheat. But there's another way: give your readers a special incentive to find the right solution. Consider a solution word that reveals a "secret" about the bride and groom or the wedding, for example, the location of the bride and groom's first kiss or the title of the opening song. The solution word can also be the password to a website where you can see all the photos from the day after the wedding. In this way, you will trigger the guests' curiosity to find as many answers as possible.